The Future of Emergency Department Triage

Triage Touch is a revolutionary tool for efficient, patient-directed triage automation.

How It Works
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How it works


Ambulatory patients check in to the emergency department. Patients with reassuring vital signs and no alarming complaints opt-in to Triage Touch.


Eligible patients use Triage Touch on their personal device or stationed kiosks, following prompts eliciting details about their complaint and medical history.

Artificial Intelligence

Triage Touch AI develops a triage plan including indicated laboratory tests, imaging and medications. Patient updates and instructions are pushed to their personal device or assigned paging device.


Patients can view triage progress updates and are notified when a bed becomes available. Triage Touch patient data is available for provider review and reconciliation.

Key Features


Triage Touch is a universal mobile application meaning it can run on patient’s personal devices or at kiosks stationed in your emergency department’s waiting room.

Save Time

Triage Touch makes the waiting room more efficient by expediting data acquisition like screening questionnaires, freeing staff to spend more time talking with and caring for patients.

Patient Satisfaction

Triage Touch keeps your patients informed about their triage plan and assists with estimating wait times. Participation in the triage process is associated with increased patient satisfaction scores.

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