What it is

The future of emergency department triage

Triage Touch is a patient-directed, automated triage application for emergency departments, urgent cares, and telemedicine consultations that uses intelligent, adaptive algorithms to start the triage process at the door, or even prior to arrival.

How it works

Triage with a touch

Patient Checks In

Ambulatory patients arrive in the emergency department. Eligible, stable patients proceed to Triage Touch kiosk.

Triage Touch

Patients go through the self-triage application, describing affected areas and other details about their symptoms.

Intelligent Algorithms

Triage Touch uses its library of intelligent diagnostic and management algorithms to develop and order a triage plan.

Patient Roomed

When patients arrive in their room, inputted history elements and the results of their tests are available for providers to accelerate their evaluation.

Why it’s better

Faster, more efficient, improved patient satisfaction

Use Anywhere

Triage Touch is both a universal application and accessible programming interface (API). Run it anywhere, including online, on patients’ mobile devices, or branded kiosks.

More Than ER’s

Triage Touch works great for busy emergency departments. You can also use it to expedite care in your urgent care, or as a preliminary triage for telemedicine consultations.

Getting Smarter

Triage Touch gets better with every use. The future is automated and Triage Touch is designed for growth.

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